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The Art of Storytelling show with Brother Wolf was begun by Eric Wolf in the spring 2007 as a way to support the art form of storytelling world-wide. With over 400,000 downloads and listeners in over 100 countries the show is approaching 130 interveiws.

Every couple of weeks he interviews a new storyteller on the podcast. Each guest covers a different aspect of the art of storytelling. The interviews are conducted one on one and in a conference call format in which anyone is welcome to participate on the call. You are welcome to join a storytelling call or just listen online, use iTunes, or your podcasting software.

When Cats Could Fly...
Family Friendly
Fringe Show Video of Brother Wolf Perfroming Funny Stories to a live audience

A lighthearted hour of warm funny family stories with Eric Wolf. A dyslexic childhood in New York City has given Eric Wolf a rich tapestry of truth and fiction to draw upon for your entire families amusement. For Ages 9 to 99.

This show has a empowering effect on parents of dyslexic children, dyslexic students and other students who have learning struggles. Eric Wolf will be performing "When Cats Could Fly…" at the local Cook Theater as a part of the Indianapolis Fringe festival.

Free Audio
Samples for Children.

Storytellers used to tell fairytales that mattered to children. We live in a world of deep despair and high hope. We live in a world of horror and happiness. We live in a world where monsters and angels walk the earth. It is wrong to tell children stories of sugar and spice that rot their morals and their brains. It is wrong to create stories that have no teachings.

True fairytales run a risk. True fairytales speak of Danger with a capitol D. Storytelling of fairytales help us to learn the roadmap outside our families. Map that once included an entire community of people and storytellers who we would have known from birth.

A Christmas Carol
Dinner Theater
in 3 Acts storytelling Retreat in Yellow Springs, Ohio

A One Man Dinner Theater Experience in 3 Acts at the Hammel House in Waynesville, Ohio.

A retelling of the classic story told by an Oracle Award Winning storyteller with a comic twist. Tearing down the fourth wall this production includes the audience in a raucous retelling of Dickens Immortal Holiday Tale.

Bedtime Stories with
Brother Wolf
on Youtube bedtime story channel

Enjoy stories that will help your child goto sleep Simple stories for bedtime free on youtube.

The video series that I produced over the spring of 2012.